At the end of July there was an Google Algorithm update. It’s an un-named update but it being call the Pigeon update within the SEO community because it effects local search results.

We have been extensively reviewing all the information that has come out as well as running some test of our own.

Here’s the changes that you should be aware of.

The biggest change that we have seen is the disappearance of local business from the search results page for general terms (i.e. [city name] restaurants). The results are now dominated by review type sites such as Yelp, UrbanSpoon, TripAdvisor, etc. The local business information now appear exclusively in the carousel at the very top of the search results page and doesn’t link to their site, rather more reviews about the business.

Because of these changes it’s important to claim you listing on these review sites and make sure your business information is correct with them. It’s also more important to claim your Google Plus Local Business page as this information will be displayed prominently (see image below)

Google Pigeon New Search Results Page

Analysis Articles Below

SeachEngineLand Article – Looks like Yelp got a huge boost in rankings. They are all over the place now! I don’t

know about you, but I NEVER click on Yelp listings and pretty much dislike directories all together. Come on

Google, at least give the local businesses some love!

Link-Assistant Report -These guys put together a pretty good comprehensive analysis on what changed and how it

may affect your local listings and what you can do about it. I love the way they have it laid out. Who ever wrote

it and did the graphics did a great job cause it is very easy to understand.

B2C Article -This is also a nice article/guide on the update and what the update did, why it happened and how it

will affect local businesses. Also laid out very nicely with bullets points making it easy to digest.

What To Do Next:

For our Current Client: We will continue to make the necessary updates and changes to ensure that you continue to get clients and customers via the search results. We will speak to you directly if any changes need to be done to your current campaigns.

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