Growing Your Traffic


Want more qualified people visiting your website?

We do the hard work to drive more traffic so that you can get more qualified leads and people making purchases from your site. Depending on the type of business you have we have several systems we can put in play for you.

The key to growing your traffic is to maximize the qualified traffic you get before moving on to the next channel. If you don’t have everything dialed in then there is no point in splintering your resources because it only leads to poor results. 

There are 4 primary ways to grow your traffic online: Paid Traffic, Social Media Traffic, Search Engine Traffic, and Email Traffic. Each traffic channel possesses its own strengths and weaknesses that will need to be addressed.

Before you start growing your traffic you want to first make sure that you have an offer that is converting and you are able to service the new business that will come from the growth in traffic.

Take the time to plan out different “What if” scenarios if the campaign is a grand slam. Nothing is worse than missing out on revenue because you were ill prepared for the spike in traffic that came as a result of one of your campaigns. You can never get that traffic back.

How to Grow Your Website’s Traffic

Each traffic channel is different however they all follow the same general process to leveraging that particular channel.

Step 1: Identify the Major Traffic Players for Your Niche

Each niche is going to have major channels that traffic flows through. You must first identify where that traffic is flowing through. Much like the interstate highway system, you’ll have major roads and bypasses that you can take to reach your destination.

If you want to take the “long way” you can do that as well. The long way generally is the most time consuming and always requires little or no money to do. The long way is never scalable and should not be considered for growing your business.

Step 2: Identify What the Major Players Want

Every player in the space has something that they want at the moment. Some only deal with money, others want more reach, while others just need their ego stroked a bit. Whatever the want, we identify what it is so we can leverage it for later.

The simplest is the cash transaction. You generally will know exactly what you will get out of it and can measure it fairly easily. It’s also the most scalable. You put money in and get traffic out. Since you are paying for the traffic directly you can generally have more say in the quality of the traffic that comes to your website.

Step 3: Give Them What They Want

As long as you did a good job in step two, then this step will be straightforward. In most cases content will need to be created to satisfy the major player in your niche. This may come in the form of audio, video, or blog posts. In reality, you may need to create something that has a combination of mediums before you can maximize that particular traffic channel.

Coming up with a core message that you can then create different versions of becomes an important time saver for your business. We’ll guide your business in the content creation process so that you can reuse as much content as possible, the content being the blog posts, videos, audios, etc. that you create.

Step 4: Use Traffic Triggers to Boost Results

By the time you have gone through this process you have a lot of time and money invested into growing your traffic. By adding traffic triggers you are able to get a small boost to keep the traffic flowing.

Traffic triggers are nothing more than different ways you entice people to share your hard earned content.

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