Making More Sales

Are you are looking for explosive growth? Work with us and we will turbo-charge your online sales by using little known proven solutions for unstoppable results.

There are 3 fundamental ways to increase sales for your business. Send more qualified traffic to your offer, get your customers to buy more (think bundling), and get your customers to buy more often (think subscriptions).

Each method will generate a nice bump in revenue but there’s one thing you can do that will work even better and that is optimizing both your new traffic and your existing customer base.

Let’s look at 3 different ways to apply optimization for your business.

Website Optimization

In this context we will consider your website as the digital entry point into your business database. This could happen in a variety of ways including email, social media, apps, or by visiting your website. The important thing to note is that this is only the entry point into your digital world.

The biggest mistake I see companies making with their website optimization is trying to optimize for conflicting goals at the same time.

For example:

Setting up an optimization test where the company is adding someone to their email list at the same time as trying to get them to interact with the company and get them to buy something.

When building out your website and landing pages there should only be one primary goal for the page. Each page should be optimized for the specific goal. Additional calls to action on the page will distract from the main focus of the page, so keep that in mind when building out your page.

Here are a few goals to consider when building a page:

  • Adding to general newsletter
  • Engagement – comments, social share, etc.
  • A specific lead magnet (something they get, generally free, in exchange for contact information)
  • A purchase

Each type of goal will have a different value to you as a business owner. As the initial entry point into your follow up system or as a new customer or client, most of the pages on your website should be considered as top of the funnel, an important distinction we’ll get to later.

Funnel Optimization

In the simplest terms, a funnel is the direct path a visitor takes that requires a specific action. Most companies have several types of funnels in the sales and marketing areas of their business, but you can also have customer service funnels and operational funnels to fill certain business requirements.

We are going to focus on the funnels that build your customer lifetime value (CLTV). During the funnel optimization process your goal is to move as many people as you can to the next stage. This is often done via educational content such as blog posts, white papers, and videos, but it’s also done via email very effectively.

To make more sales in your business by optimizing the funnel, you focus on moving as many qualified prospects as you can down the funnel and turning them into buyers. It’s not about moving everyone down the funnel, just the right ones.

Customer Lifecycle Optimization

The 3rd way to increase your sales is by customer lifecycle optimization. When you consider things like the cost of serving a long-term customer or client versus the cost of marketing to acquire a new one, just a 5% increase in customer retention can produce an increase in profits of over 25%.

As a business owner that excites me because that’s more money that I get to keep.

The big question to ask is Why does this work?

When you think about the time it takes to build the trust and goodwill of working with a long term client, you will find that these customers often are willing to pay a premium to continue to do work with you instead of switching to a competitor because they already know how you operate and don’t want to go somewhere they would feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

Having a solid client and customer retention strategy in place can continuously build the CLTV metric in your business. We work with your team to build a consistent, relevant, and personalized experience at every touchpoint in your business. There can be many phases in the customer lifecycle, here are a few of them to consider:

  • Prospecting
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Activation
  • Customer Care, Support, & Service
  • Cross Selling or Up Selling
  • Customer Retention
  • Growing Customer Account

Each step along your unique customer journey is an opportunity for you to create an awesome experience as well as further your business relationship. Our team is here to work with you to make that happen.

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