Simple Guide To Generating More Leads

Want more qualified leads? We use our elite traffic techniques and simple conversion methods, which together guarantee that your business always has a steady flow of leads. Every business owner knows that leads are the lifeblood of their company. Without a steady stream of qualified leads your business will slowly die and go the way of the dodo bird.

The secret of generating leads online is to start with the end in mind. You must know exactly who your perfect customer is or have a pretty good idea when you start so you can refine it along the way.

The following is the general process we use when creating a lead generation campaign for our clients.

4 Steps to On-Demand Lead Generation

1. Create a high converting landing page

Sending traffic to the home page of your website is a bad idea. Understanding how your landing page will fit into your overall goals for your business will keep you from spinning your wheels in frustration. Use your business strategy as a guiding light when creating new landing pages.

We use a 16-point checklist every time we create a new landing page. This enables us to speed up the process and make the results more predictable in the long run.

2. Create and Manage Paid Ad Campaign

Knowing who your customer avatar is and the purpose of the landing page enables us to create a paid advertising campaign to drive quality traffic to your new offer.

There are many arguments as to which is the best form of traffic, but nobody argues that buying paid traffic is the fastest and most scalable of all the online traffic sources. This is why we utilize this method first.

3. Split Test Ads

It is said that Thomas Edison tested 10,000 variations before he found the right combination to work when he created the light bulb. In our experience it doesn’t take 10,000 split tests to find a profitable campaign, but getting your ad right the first time would take nothing short of a miracle. This is why split testing your ads from the beginning is a must if you want to increase your business revenue and profitability.

4. Ongoing Optimization

Every day new factors affect the performance of your ads so it becomes important that you are always testing combinations. As things become obsolete or new technology comes out you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve and keep your ads improving rather than declining.


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