General WordPress Development Standards

These General WordPress Development Standards are the basis for all proposals Omen Interactive sends out and they form the instructions for the developers as they are building the individual sites. If there is a Specific Agency Preference which replaces or eliminates a General WordPress Development Standard, it will be clearly identified in the proposal and provided to the developer assigned to the project via specific directions.


The original document was published on November 25, 2014. Items that have been added/edited/deleted since the original document was published are clearly identified below through the use of background colors, italics and font colors. The date of the revision is also added for reference.

Example: General Standard vs Specific Preference

A General WordPress Development Standard is to not use a child theme with Bootstrap or Foundation. If client demands a child theme be used, Omen Interactive will identify that as a Specific client Preference in the proposal and price it accordingly.


Omen Interactive will:
  • initially build site on one of our development servers and provide you with a link for approval prior to installing on your server
  • use the most currently available version of WordPress at time project is started
  • create CSS files that are well-commented, clearly broken into sections and organized in a logical order following the page display order (body, header, navigation, content, row, sidebar, footer, etc.)
  • set all external links to target=”_blank”
  • disable comments unless otherwise specified
  • search engines are discouraged from indexing the site through Settings » Reading in the Admin Dashboard {added 12/23/2014}
  • use the fonts that are in the PSD files we receive (if premium fonts are required they need to be purchased by Client and provided before development starts)
  • use Open Sans from Google Fonts in situations where clear direction about fonts are not provided
  • set sites to not allow Google to crawl them
  • QA test the sites for the following browsers IE9+, Firefox 31+, Chrome 40+, Safari 7+  {added 4/9/2015}
  • move site at completion using Duplicator plugin (if client hosting environment does not work with Duplicator, Omen Interactive shall provide a zipped copy of site to client or Omen Interactive can do the installation at a rate of $50/hr)
Omen Interactive will NOT:
  • create a child theme for Foundation or Bootstrap sites
  • use any inline CSS
  • style comments form or comments thread views unless directed by final PSD files and priced specifically in proposal
  • allow Google to crawl WordPress sites on our development server


Omen Interactive will:
  • use Dashboard » Appearance » Header for header logo file can be added as an image
  • link logo to home page
  • use Dashboard » Appearance » Background to set background color and/or background image plus scrolling.
  • use Advanced Custom Fields » Options Page to create global options for header content, footer content, etc. resulting in a Dashboard menu item called “My Options”
  • will setup Dashboard » My Options » Contact Info as a set of custom fields where user can set site phone number, site email address, physical or mailing addresses, etc.
  • will setup Dashboard » My Options » Social Media as a set of custom fields where user can set the icon used and the link to the site’s various social media pages
  • will setup Dashboard » My Options » Copyright Statement as a custom field where user can add/edit the site’s copyright statement including HTML as required


Omen Interactive will:
  • create all menus using Dashboard » Appearance » Menus drag-and-drop editing tool
  • clearly identify Menu Locations using obvious naming such as “Top Nav”, “Primary Nav” and “Footer Nav”
  • build the responsive navigation using the defaults for Bootstrap or Foundation unless otherwise specified in the PSD files and quoted specifically in the proposal
Omen Interactive will NOT:
  • add breadcrumbs unless specified in the Final PSD files


Omen Interactive will:
  • use Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields to create custom sliders
  • add Slider Options to the My Options area where transition type (e.g. fade) can be selected from a list and transition speed can be set with a numeric variable
  • make images in the responsive versions of the slider proportional
  • put all text that overlays the slider in the full screen view underneath the slider image in the responsive views
  • work with premium slider plugins (e.g. Revolution) if provided by Agency prior to development beginning


Omen Interactive will:
  • manually set the Page Sort Order on each page we add to the site so that the listing of sites on Dashboard » Pages closely follows the same order as the navigation menus
  • only use one <h1> tag per page or post
  • wrap the Page Title or Post Title in the lone <h1> tag
  • setup any custom fields used on a Page Editor of Post Editor in a logical order using an obvious naming syntax so that non-technical users can add/edit information.
  • use Dashboard » Settings » Permalinks to set the default permalinks to /%postname%/ (requires MOD REWRITE in PHP on host)


Omen Interactive will:
  • create the following templates and provide custom CSS for:
    • home.php
    • full-width.php
    • right- or left-sidebar.php
    • single.php
    • archive.php
  • use the default responsiveness provided by Bootstrap or Foundation if specific PSD files are not provided for the responsive views


Omen Interactive will include the following plugins on every site:
Omen Interactive will include the following plugins if the functionality is required: Omen Interactive | SEO, PPC and Web Design Sarasota FL 34236-9120 1999 LINCOLN DR STE 202 5 5 5 6 SEO, PPC and Web Design Company Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00 $$$$ (941) 417-0725 541511 541810 27.324306 -82.530134 Mical Johnson