Autoresponder Integration

We integrate your email capture tool of choice so that you can capture leads from website.  This lets your business have an automated way to capture leads from website 24/7.

From the moment you drive traffic to your website you will be able to see the leads flowing in automatically. Giving you a peace of mind that you can easily nurture your relationship with your list as your business grows.

Mobile Responsive

We want to make sure your website visitors are going to have a better user experience on any mobile device. By building a mobile responsive site this eliminates having to pinch and zoom and instead display everything in an easy to view format.

You will be able to easily read everything on your smartphone or tablet as you enjoy the experience of your new website while lounging at home on the couch.

Testimonials and 3rd Party Endorsements

If you have client testimonials, won awards, been featured in the news, or have other 3 party endorsements we incorporate them into your website to Increase credibility and trust with website visitors.

This will allow your business to show your product is superior or that you are capable of doing a quality job for your customer or client. This instantly makes the visitor feel more comfortable and elevates the trustworthiness of your business and you’ll feel excited to be able to help another person get closer to reaching their goals.

CTAs Throughout the Website

We place distinct call to action (CTA) buttons and links throughout your website to creates multiple opportunities for a website visitor to become a lead/prospect/customer for your business. So you have the ability to collect leads on every page of your website.

As new people visit your website they will know exactly what to do next. They will never have to click to another page to optin and become a lead for your business and you have eliminated the frustration of waiting for another page to load on a website.

Custom Images

We include custom images to create a consistent look and feel for your business brand throughout your website.

From the moment a person visits your website they can start connecting with your business as you continue to create deep meaningful relationships with your website visitors.

Custom Website Themes

We create a custom WordPress Theme for you to make your business stand out more. This creates a one of a kind user experience for your visitors.

Your website visitors will easily be able to identify your business from any cookie cutter business similar to yours and you’ll feel the pride of being recognized as a leader in your niche.

Customized Landing Page

How do we create websites that get more leads for every business? We create a custom landing page to generate more leads by having a singular focus for that page.

By using these pages you can increase your conversion rates by a factor of 10. As your traffic grows, watch the number of leads come in hand over fist from your high converting landing page and you will feel like a champ for building your list so efficiently.

Plugin Installation & Setup

We use plugins to save time and we do the setup to makes sure you have the correct settings. So you don’t need to worry about what the correct settings are in the first place.

From the first time you log in to the backend admin panel you’ll notice all the plugins correctly setup and configured and the stress of “will it work properly” will just melt away.

Content Transfer and Uploading

Also included in transferring and uploading any existing content from your current website. We do this to save time so that you don’t have to move your blog posts, videos, and images from your old website.

This saves you time and removes potential errors from doing it manually one page at a time. When you see your new website you’ll feel the tension leave as you notice all your blog posts and images right where they should be as the overwhelming feeling of a job well done rushes over you.

Simple Navigation

To make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website we include simple navigation for both desktop and mobile devices. Visitors can easily find the page they are looking for.

When going to your new website, visitors will easily be able to find exactly what they are looking for, no more wondering or guessing if they clicked on the right navigation link.


We also include a sitemap to let all the search engines (like Google) know what the important pages on your website are. This will make the entire website accessible to search engine spiders (bots) within 2 clicks.

Your website will be indexed faster because Google and the other search engines have found every page of your website and you’ll be excited to see your website ranked on page one of Google.

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